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Dartington Bluebell Vase 185mm
This slender crystal vase is the perfect complement to a handful of bluebells. The neck has b..
Dartington Celebrate Photo Frame
Sparkling Swarovski ruby elements have been hand applied to this special photo frame to make ..
Dartington Chrysanthemum Vase 290mm
A crystal vase that has been measured and shaped to give your chrysanthemum displays an attra..
Dartington Daffodil Vase 225mm
Few flowers are more symbolic of spring than the daffodil. This crystal vase gives you the pe..
Glitz Champagne Glasses - Pair
Dartington Handmade Crystal.Few Champagne flutes can match the glamour of this from the Glitz..
Glitz Champagne Saucer Glasses - Pair
Dartington Handmade Crystal.Perfect for special occasions, this handmade wine glass is decora..
Glitz Decanter 310mm
This elegant crystal glass decanter features a hand cut decoration and real Swarovski element..
Glitz Martini Cocktail Glasses - Pair
Dartington Handmade Crystal. Perfect for special occasions, this handmade cocktail glass is d..
Glitz Tumbler Glasses - Pair
Dartington Handmade Crystal. This crystal glass tumbler gives your glass some glamour. F..
Glitz Wine Goblet Glasses - Pair
Dartington Handmade Crystal. Perfect for special occasions, this handmade wine glass is ..
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