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London Clock Company Gold Finish Pendulum Wall Clock
Gold finishPendulum wall clockQuartz movement..
London Clock Company Grey Pendulum Wall Clock
Grey finishWhite dialChrome finish markersTeardrop pendulumQuartz movement..
London Clock Company Silver Finish Pendulum Wall Clock
Silver finish Pendulum wall clockQuartz movement..
London Clock Company Solid Wood Traditional Pendulum Wall Clock
Solid wood Traditional pendulum wall clock Walnut wood finish4x4 Westminster & Whittington chime..
London Clock Company Traditional Pendulum Wall Clock
Mahogony wood finishDecorative carved case White roman dialWestminster/Whittington chimePendulum wal..
Seiko Black Square Clock
Wall clock Black plastic case Black clock face with silver markers Quiet sweep sec..
Seiko Dark Brown Pendulum Wall Clock
Wooden wall clockDark wooden casePendulumHourly strike and quarterly chimeVolume controlAuto silence..
Seiko Gold Coloured Round Wall Clock
Wall Clocks from Seiko Clocks Gold coloured plastic case Quiet sweep seconds hand Dimension..
Seiko Metallic Silver Clock
Elegant wall clock from SEIKO Clocks Metallic silver coloured plastic case Quiet sweep s..
Seiko Pendulum Brown Clock
Wooden pendulum (Oak) Dual chimes Easy access with front opening  Battery: C x ..
Seiko Radio Controlled Wall Clock
Radio wave controlled wall clocks display the precise time by automatically receiving the official s..
Seiko Silver Coloured Wall Clock
Wall clockPlastic caseSilver colourSweep second handBattery: AA x 1Dimensions: 45.5 x 18.7 x 4.8cm..
Seiko Swinging Bird Pendulum Wall Clock
Plastic caseLight brown wood effectDimensions: Ø33 x 6.4cmBattery: AA x 1Swinging bird pendulum..
Seiko White Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock
Wooden caseMatt cream colourHourly strikeQuarterly chimeVolume controlDimensions: 42 x 21 x 8.6cmBat..
Seiko Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock
Wooden wall clock (Oak) Pendulum Dual chimes Volume control Dark brow..
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